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YOUmedia: YOUmedia

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YOUmedia: Teen and Young Adult Services at the Hartford Public Library

Welcome to YOUmedia!

YOUmedia Hartford is a digital learning and maker space just for teens (13-19) to hang out, mess around & geek out with state-of-the-art technology. Teens might learn a new trade from a visiting artist or get project support from one of our amazing mentors. We’re here to help young people explore what they love and turn that motivation into real life gains in the way of college and career readiness.


The Downtown Library and YOUmedia are temporarily closed due to water damage. Visit the downtown mentors at the Albany Branch during this time, or visit any other HPL location for teen services from the youth librarians! The branches have expanded hours, and we look forward to seeing you.

Stay updated on library service’s during this challenging time here.

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Upcoming Programs

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21st CCLC & ReadyCT

The 21st Century Community Learning Center (21st CCLC) and ReadyCT at Hartford Public High School provides academic enrichment, recreational, and work-study opportunities for Hartford teens, such as the Asian Studies Club, Soccer/Fútbol Program, and no cost Driver's Education classes.  

Contact Michael Elder at or (860) 695-6336 to learn more.


If you are hungry after school, stop by the Albany Branch Library for some snacks courtesy of FoodShare!  

When the downtown library reopens after the water damage is repaired, stop by YOUmedia for an after school snack.

The Barbour Branch Library offers a free bag of shelf-stable groceries through FoodShare on the second and fourth Thursday of every month from 3:00-4:00.

What Can I Use?

From video game streaming to professional sound recording and photography to sewing/textile tools and a variety of art supplies, YOUmedia has the technology and tools for Hartford's teens and young adults need. Check out what we have available! 

Extended and Virtual Reality

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The Future is Now!

Learn how art and technology fuse by exploring extended and virtual reality and everything YOUmedia has to offer you. Extended reality (XR) has come a long way since Pokémon GO! This technology is quickly being used in entertainment, retail, manufacturing, and more. At YOUmedia, you can use Oculus Quest 2 headsets to experience these virtual worlds and games/tournaments, create XR games in Unity, and learn from our devoted staff!

Music Production

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Whether you want to record a song or album, set up a lo-fi or meditation sounds YouTube channel, start a podcast, collect oral histories, record a voice over, stream yourself making beats, or anything else you need a recording studio for, YOUmedia has you covered. Teens and young adults have access to:

  • Sound proof recording studio
  • High-tech software like Pro Tools, SL Studio, Logic Pro, and Anteres Autotune
  • Professional audio equipment and a Kai MPK88 keyboard
  • Recording, beat making, and podcast workshops/mentoring

To reach Eli Williams, YOUmedia Mentor of Music Production, call (860) 695-6363 or e-mail him at

Photography by YOUmedia Teens & Young Adults

Two teens dancing
Teen in cosplay
HPL Security Guards laughing
Boy smiling
Gizmo the Therapy Dog
Boy smiling and pointing at camera
Young adult break dancing
Two teens smiling and hugging
Three teens smiling and hugging
Three teens smiling


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In an increasingly digital world and workforce, it is important for teens and young adults to learn the basics of photography. Photography is a viable career path that may be financially inaccessible to enter for many people, but YOUmedia aims to increase that access. At YOUmedia, teens and young adults have access to:

  • Professional cameras and lighting equipment
  • Computers with state-of-the-art editing and retouching programs
  • Archival quality printing
  • Studio space and set up
  • Expertise and mentorship from our highly qualified staff

Whether you're looking to become a professional photographer, influencer, sell your art online, or just want to take some nice senior portraits, YOUmedia makes it possible!


Connecticut Summer at the Museum 2023 - Free Admission for Kids

Downtown Library Closed Until Further Notice


Downtown Library Closed Until Further Notice

Hartford Public Library is continuing to assess extensive water damage that occurred at its Downtown Library at 500 Main St. after a pipe burst over the Christmas weekend. At this time there is no estimate for how long the Downtown Library will be closed, or if the building can be reopened in portions. It is expected that many areas will be closed for an extended period of time. More information will be provided in the coming days and weeks when a full assessment has been completed. All programs, classes and events at the Downtown Library are currently postponed until further notice. ... Read More

The Library may be closed but RSCO is still here! Visit us on Zoom at our Virtual Office Hours for Regional School Choice help Monday Through Saturday 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM Zoom ¡Aunque la biblioteca está cerrada, la oficina de selección escolar (RSCO) sí está disponible! Visítanos por Zoom, temenos horas de oficina y te Podemos ayudar virtualmente. De Lunes a  Sábado 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM Zoom क्षेत्रीय स्कूल विकल्प सहायता के लिए हमारे वर्चुअल ऑफिस आवर्स  में ज़ूम पर हमसे संपर्क करें। सोमवार-शनिवार दोपहर १२:00 बजे से शाम ५:00 बजे तक I डाउनटाउन पुस्तकालय बंद है लेकिन RSCO अभी भी यहाँ है! For more information, contact: Para más información, llámanos: अधिक जानकारी के लिए, संपर्क करें: Ranie Busgith रानी बसगीत at (860) 306-9757 (८६०) ३०६ -९७५७ or Geetha Karkera गीता करकेरा at (860) 969-9148 (८६० ) ९६९ -९१४८ or



Gaming and Streaming

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Come to the second floor of the Downtown Library and take advantage of our extensive gaming systems and libraries. At YOUmedia, you can game with Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, STEAM, or XBOX One. If you're interested, you can stream on Twitch here, too! Click the box above to go to our Twitch channel and follow us/see our past streams. Contact Marc at or (860) 695-6363 to learn more about gaming at the Hartford Public Library.

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At the Barbour Branch Library, you can play Nintendo Switch games, too!

Arts (and Crafts!)

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Art is life! When teens have access to art, they have better academic results, higher career goals, better work opportunities, and are more connected to their communities. At YOUmedia, teens have access to:

  • Cosplay creation
  • Gallery art viewing
  • Display space for art
  • Professional embroidery machine
  • T-Shirt printing
  • Cricut machine
  • Button/Magnet Making
  • Painting and drawing materials
  • Collaging and process art
  • Sewing machines and other textile arts
  • Digital arts, such as extended reality, photography, and music

Contact Veronica at or (860) 695-6363 to learn more about the arts and tactile learning at the Hartford Public Library. 

3d Printing

3D Printing is available at no cost to Harford teens and young adults! Whether you are looking for a new technology-based art project, want to learn the skills for using 3D printing in the workforce, need a specific tool printed for a project, or are just curious to see this revolutionary technology, YOUmedia is ready to help. We have professional Da Vinci 3D miniature printers, filament, 3D printing design software (Blender 3D), and kind staff to show you the ropes. 

Summer Programs

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