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Children's Library of Things

Did you know we offer more than just books?

In collaboration with CRIS Radio (Connecticut Radio Information System), a Windsor-based nonprofit radio station that serves people who are blind or unable to read due to various print challenges, the CRISKids Book Club provides a unique reading tool that combines narrated audio books with the hard-copy versions.

The CRIS Kids Book Club @ HPL is geared to children attending Kindergarten through Grade 3. Participating children, will check-out with a library card, a book bag with five books that are narrated onto a preloaded MP3 player. The book bag also will include earbuds, an incentive, and sticker sheet to help the children track the number of books they have read! Along the way there will be prizes for the five or more bags completed. 25 different bags to check out, get yours today!

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          Bundle 1                          Bundle 2                          Bundle 3


          Bundle 4                          Bundle 5                          Bundle 6


          Bundle 7                          Bundle 8                          Bundle 9


         Bundle 10                        Bundle 11                        Bundle 12


         Bundle 13                        Bundle 14                        Bundle 15


         Bundle 16                        Bundle 17                        Bundle 18


         Bundle 19                        Bundle 20                        Bundle 21


         Bundle 22                        Bundle 23                        Bundle 24


                                                 Bundle 25


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