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Hartford History Center Subject Guides: Housing

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Hartford Housing Resources


A list of manuscript, print, audio and visual materials
documenting the history of housing and housing issues
beginning in 1639 to the present, from the collections
of the Hartford History Center and the Hartford Public Library.


Compiled 2019

Hartford History Center Archival Collections

The following collections may be researched in the Hartford History Center. These materials do not circulate. Links are available anywhere you have internet access.

Boyd Hinds Papers

Call Number MS 1970 HINDS

Matched words: Discrimination in housing.


Map collection

Call Number MS 1838 MAP

Matched words: Hartford (Conn.). Department of Housing and Community Development


Hartford City and Town Clerk archives, 1639-2010

Call Number MS 1639 HARTFORD

Matched words: Housing -- Connecticut -- Hartford.



Hartford Public Library scrapbook collection

Call Number MS 1850 SCRAPBOOKS, volumes 16 - 17

Matched words: Housing.  (1930s and 1940s, slum clearance)

A community reference website maintained by the Hartford Public Library from January 2004 – October 31, 2013.

Matched words: Housing -- Connecticut -- Hartford -- Statistics.


Hartford City and Community Organization Reports:

Capitol Region Planning Agency

Citizen’s Research Education Network – Neighborhood Profiles

Commission on the City Plan

Community Renewal Team – News, Annual Reports

The Court of Common Council

Department of Housing and Community Development. Strategic Planning Division.

Governor’s Task Force on Housing, 1972

Guide to Future Renewal, 1961-1962

Hartford Consolidated Community Development Plan

Hartford Housing Authority Reports

Hartford Housing Authority Photographs

Hartford Human Relations Commission

Hartford Redevelopment Agency

Hartford Urban Research Committee

Housing Director’s Annual Reports

Neighborhood Planning, 1961-1978

United States Census Records, 1970, 1980, 1990, 2000


Time Capsules:

Charter Oak Terrace Time Capsule

Bellevue Square Time Capsule


City Newspapers:

The Hartford Courant (online database)

The Hartford Times (Subject card catalog for 1950 – 1978, microfilm)


Neighborhood and Community Newspapers:

Blue Hills News

El Extra News

The Hartford News

The Hartford Inquirer

The Hill Ink (Asylum Hill Incorporated)

El Imparcial

North End Agent’s

El Periodico

South End Community Services News Bulletin

Southside Neighborhood News

El Observador


The Westender


Hartford Times Photograph Collection

Housing / Housing, Box 33

Housing / Redevelopment, Boxes 37, 38

Housing / Housing discrimination, Box 85


Marchers for better North End (Hartford) housing, West Hartford, 1967

Pugliese, S. Robert, Hartford Times photograph (digitized)

Marchers for Better North End Housing

Butch Lewis Video Collection

The following videos may be watched wherever you have internet access.

Problem and commitment (video in two parts, with transcript): interview with Hartford government and business leaders about community issues

Biggs, Julian (Creator)

Senora Nunez y sus vecinos (video in three parts, in Spanish, with English subtitles): interview with Senora Nunez of Hartford and her neighbors

Biggs, Julian (Creator)

Tom Simons speaks about Hartford (video in two parts, with transcript)

Biggs, Julian (Creator)

Una conversacion (video in two parts, in Spanish, with English subtitles)

Biggs, Julian (Creator)

Colin Bennett: a realtor speaks (video and transcript)

Biggs, Julian (Creator)

A Common ground (video in two parts, and transcript)

Biggs, Julian (Creator)

Community meets (video in four parts, and transcript): Hartford residents and community leaders meet in aftermath of Hartford riots, 1969

Biggs, Julian (Creator)

Florence Street recreation (video)

Biggs, Julian (Creator)

Hartford History Center Subject Files

These subject files, mostly containing secondary sources, may be researched in the Hartford History Center. They do not circulate.

Demographics: Census

Demographics: Demographics

Demographics: Hispanics

Demographics: Puerto Ricans

Government: City Planning

Government: Community Development

Government: Community Development Block Grant

Government: Neighborhood Revitalization Zone By-Laws

Government: Zoning

Housing: Homeless

Housing: Housing

Housing: Housing Rights

Neighborhoods: Neighborhoods

Neighborhoods: Neighborhoods-Asylum Hill

Neighborhoods: Neighborhoods-Barry Square

Neighborhoods: Neighborhoods-Blue Hills

Neighborhoods: Neighborhoods-Clay Hill

Neighborhoods: Neighborhoods-Downtown

Neighborhoods: Neighborhoods-Dutch Point

Neighborhoods: Neighborhoods-East Side

Neighborhoods: Neighborhoods-Frog Hollow

Neighborhoods: Neighborhoods-Nook Farm

Neighborhoods: Neighborhoods-North End

Neighborhoods: Neighborhoods-Parkville

Neighborhoods: Neighborhoods-Sheldon/Charter Oak

Neighborhoods: Neighborhoods-South End

Neighborhoods: Neighborhoods-Upper Albany

Neighborhoods: Neighborhoods-West End

Neighborhoods: Southside Institutions Neighborhood Alliance (SINA)

Neighborhoods: Trinity Heights

Neighborhoods: Waterfront

Social Issues and Organizations: Civil Rights

Social Issues and Organizations: Public Welfare

Social Issues and Organizations: Revitalization Corps

Print Materials

The following materials may be researched in the Hartford History Center. They do not circulate.

Connecticut Explored (Formerly the Hog River Journal):

Tobacco Valley: Puerto Rican Farm Workers in Connecticut; Volume 1, number 1, Fall 2002.

Maria Sanchez; Volume 1, number 4, Summer 2003.

Soapbox: Butch Lewis; Volume 2, number 4, Fall 2004.

The Rise and Fall of Public Housing; Volume 1, number 2, Winter 2003.


The Housing Crisis and the Hispanic Community

By: Casa de Puerto Rico, Inc.

Call Number: HD7304.H3 Oversize


Charter Oak Terrace: Life, Death, and Rebirth of a Public Housing Project

By: Radcliffe, David.

Call Number: HD7288.78 C82 H37 1998


Report of the Slum clearance study committee on the preliminary survey of housing conditions in slum areas for the purpose of laying out a slum clearance and rehousing program in the city of Hartford, Connecticut

By: Hartford (Conn.) Slum clearance study committee.

Call Number: HV4046 .H3 H36 1934 HCOLL

Publication Date: 1934

Matched words: 

for the purpose of laying out a slum clearance and rehousing program in the city of Hartford


Housing market study of Hartford, Connecticut, area, released through the Office of the Mayor.

Hartford (Conn.)

Call Number: HD7304 .H3 A3 1945 HCOLL

Publication Date: 1945

Matched words: 

Housing market study of Hartford, Connecticut, area, released through the Office of the Mayor.


Report Based on the Real Property and the Low Income Housing Area Surveys Made by the Work Projects Administration, 1938-1940.

By: Housing Authority of the City of Hartford.

Call Number: HD7304 .H3 H6 1940 HCOLL

Publication Date: 1940


Staff Report: re Model Cities, January 22, 1968.

Call Number: HT177.H3 A64 1968 oversize

Publication Date: 1968

Matched words: United States. Department of Housing and Urban Development.


The Influence of a Regional Economy on Hartford’s Population: A Study of Migration, Housing, and Employment Trends in Hartford, Connecticut.

By: Carbone, Nicholas R.

Call Number: HC108.H3 C3 1977 Oversize

Publication Date: 1977


Hartford Community Renewal Program

By: Hartford Commission on the City Plan.

Call Number: HT177.H3 H28 1965

Publication Date: 1965


Technical Reports of the Greater Hartford Process

By: Greater Hartford Process.

Call Number: HT177.H3 G74 1972

Publication Date: 1972


A New System of Social Services for 1980

By: Greater Hartford Process.

Call Number: HV99.H3 G742

Publication Date: 1972


Free the Beaches: The Story of Ned Coll and the Battle for America’s Most Exclusive Shoreline

By: Kahrl, Andrew W.

Call Number: E185.8.K34 2018

Publication Date: 2018

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