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Hartford History Center Subject Guides: Housing: Pamphlets

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1964 Tenant Report: The First Major Study of Hartford’s Most Neglected

            Neighborhoods. (No Publisher Information), 38 pgs.

1964 Zoning in the United States: A Brief History. Blucher, Walter. 18pgs.

1964 Zoning and the Hartford Citizen: A Zoning Primer. Blucher, Walter. 11 pgs.

1967 A Handbook on Housing.  Housing Public Affairs Committee. 33 pgs.

1967 Housing Code Chapter 43: Municipal Code.  City of Hartford. 12 pgs.

1967 A Proposal for a Demonstration Vermin Control Program (Revised). City of

            Hartford. 16 pgs. (2 copies).

1967 A Handbook on Housing. Public Affairs YMCA of Hartford. 35 pgs.

1967 Assistance to Residents of Public Housing. Office of  Economic Opportunity.

            43 pgs.

1967 Residential Connecticut: The Complete Home Seeker’s Guide to all the Towns

            in the State. Venture Press. 144 pgs.

1969 Homes for People: Progress Report. Ad Hoc Housing Task Force Group. 54 pgs.

1969 Giant Steps on Earth: Greater Hartford Housing: A progress Report.  Hartford

            Times. Hartford Times.

1969 John Boreen Report: Housing Code Enforcement in the City of Hartford. Sub-

            Committee on Enforcement. 19pgs.

1973 Tenants Rights and Responsibilities. Tenants Rights Project. 9 pgs. (2 copies,

            one in Spanish, one in English).

1974 Department of Housing and Relocation Services: Functions and

            Responsibilities. Department of Housing. 18 pgs.

1974 Fair Housing at its Worst: the Flagrant Violation of Title VIII of the 1968 Civil

            Rights Act in Greater Hartford, Connecticut. Equal Housing Opportunity. (4

            separate pamphlets). 6 pgs. 37 pgs. 53 pgs. 11 pgs.

1975 Tenants Rights and Responsibilities. Tenants Organization Committee. 16 pgs.

1977 Tenants Rights and Responsibilities. Tenants Organization Committee. 27 pgs.

1981 1980 Hartford Census Data: Hartford Housing by Tract. Office of Demographic

            Studies. 10 pgs.

1988 Who’s Zoning Who? A Study on Zoning in Hartford. Citizens Research

            Education Network. 43 pgs.

1988 People without Homes: The Problem and the Response. Connecticut

            Department of Human Resources. State of Connecticut. 31 pgs.

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