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Hartford History Center Subject Guides: Pamphlets

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Indigenous Peoples: Pamphlets Held by the Hartford History Center

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1871       On Algonkin Names for Man.  
              Trumbull, J. Hammond.  

              American Philological Association. 
23 pgs.


1874       Origin and Early Progress of the Indian Missions
               in New England with a List of Books on 
               Indian Language.
              Trumbull, J. Hammond. 
              Hamilton C. 50pgs.


1926       A Compendium of the Indian Wars of
              New England

              Trumbull, Benjamin. 
ValentineMitchell. 62 pgs.
              (printed on Georgian Antique Paper.  This is copy 58 of 400).


1930       Story of the Pequot War of 1637. 
              Bradstreet, Howard. 
              Pyne-Davidson Company.  46 pgs.


1931       Monolithic Axe Found in Connecticut
              Bull, Norris. 


1934       Connecticut Circa 1625: Its Indian Trails,
               Villages and Sachemdoms.
               Ingersoll, Elinor H. 
               Connecticut Society of Colonial Dames.  29 pgs.


1935       Early Indians of Connecticut: Mohegan Designs. 
              Bradstreet, Howard. 


1935       Hartford Local History: Early Indians and the Dutch
              Bradstreet, Howard. 
              48 pgs.


1935       The Indians of Connecticut: The Effect of English
               Colonization and of Missionary Activity on Indian
               Life in Connecticut.
               Bradstreet, Howard. 
               64 pgs.


1979       American Indians in Connecticut: Past to Present
              GuilletteMary E. 
              68 pgs.


1981       The Status of Indian Housing: A General Overview
               in Connecticut.

              Alston, Maggie. 
              22 pgs.

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